our story


It all started when...

  We decided to continue our jobs as professional tour guides and move down to the Florida Keys. The lifestyle was awesome but after years of living on the road and working for other people, we decided it was time to build something of our own.

   It wasn't long before we were introduced to the Florida Avocado. Florida green-skin avocados are a larger tropical species. We can't stress the "large" part enough. Being a Texas boy and all, Carson was drawn to "bigger is better". So he did what any reasonable Texan would do, he made guacamole. Carson's creative side told him to throw that guac right back into the shell it came from. To him, it made more sense to use a bowl nature made than to use "more damn plastic."  Guaca Go was born. Since that day, we have slowly become guactologists (the profession of guacamole making).  Now we are avocado experts. With this knowledge, we are able to cycle through all the different species of avocados depending on the season, climate, and other factors to put out the best tasting guacamole for that time of the year.

  Within the first year of business, we have pushed the limits and done things no guacamole company has done before. We like to think differently and believe that's how you change the world. Will you join the movement and keep the planet in the shell it came from? #shellyeah