our story


It all started when...

Travel brought us to find, "The Florida Avocado". We saw more than just a giant, green, delicious avocado. We saw that mother nature not only gave us a meal, she gave us a bowl to use as well. We saw that it made more sense to use the bowl she provided rather than single-use plastics. We saw... our future. 

Since that day, we have slowly become guactologists (the profession of guacamole making). Now, we are avocado experts. With this knowledge, we are able to cycle through all the different species of avocados depending on the season, climate, and other factors to put out the freshest, best-tasting guacamole you’ve ever had.

Now a few years in, we have pushed the boundaries and have become the first to do things no other guac maker has done before. We like to think differently and believe that's how you change the world. Will you join the movement and keep the planet in the shell it came from? #shellyeah