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guaca go exists to serve fresh, tasty guacamole the way it was meant to be served- one shell at a time.

Avocado shells make great "bowls" and guacamole makes great food. It's delicious, filling, and healthy! We've combined the versatility of the avocado with our love of guacamole to create something we feel is truly special at Guaca Go.

When mother nature permits, we source our avocados locally and extract that lovely green goodness inside. Then, you choose your ingredients and we turn it into the best damn guacamole you've ever had. It's a fun new way to enjoy one of your favorite foods! This makes Guaca Go perfect for events, weddings, parties, festivals, and anywhere else people have a hankering for something quick, easy, and delicious.

What makes Guaca Go different is that we only serve fresh, made to order guacamole. You will never have premade guacamole from us. It goes from skin to mouth in only minutes making it leaps better than guacamole that has been packaged and packed with preservatives. You can taste the freshness and with avocados freshness is key.

Here at Guaca Go, we believe in sustainable business practices and we always try to leave our communities better than we found them. That's one of people's favorite things about our guacamole- the shell is the bowl and the chips are the utensils. No plastic and less waste. Choose your ingredients, grab your chips, and get back to enjoying life.


Let's guac about it

We'd love to help feed some hungry faces at your next event. Tell us more and we'll contact you if we have any questions.

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